An interactive medium has always been what I view as the most efficient and informative way of exploring ideas. By presenting a project that enables the users to freely interact with what is front of them, there is a more intimate sense of discovery and purpose. Static presentations such as films or paintings have their strengths, granted. But by allowing audiences to manipulate or even influence a project installment or program adds yet another dimension that other mediums do not possess.

Along this vein, there are several key ideas that this projects wishes to implement and abide to:

  • interactivity
  • transcription of a natural phenomena’s “musical properties”
  • simple aesthetic presentation
  • layering of sounds creating an observable field

Potential Knowledge of external sources may be required:

  • Java + OpenGL
  • 3D Modeling – Unity or Autodesk Maya
  • Sound Synthesis – MaxMSP, Logic Pro, SuperCollider

[box_download]Download the Project Proposal (PDF)[/box_download]
[box_download]Download the Final Project (ZIP) [/box_download]