Welcome to the homeland for my Songwriting Compilation, where an index of nearly all the songs I partook in creating during my MUSI3370 Songwriting course exists. The pieces are arranged in chronological order and will hopefully exist as a display of progress and growth I experienced throughout the semester. Each song (coloured text) has a time stamp and is organized under the appropriate assignment title, linking straight to the relevant blog entry that describes the process in which the song was created, as well as extra reflective thoughts. For the more visually oriented, the photos above also redirect you to the song entry. For you lazy bums, an mp3 audio player accompanies each link so that you can listen to the piece without having to travel to the relevant blot post. You can always return here to redirect to another song, or you can use the “previous next project/song” links at the bottom of each individual post.

Blake Badabing and the Crystal Oddities

Songs involving an improvisation group. Improvisation Blues Jam recording is not included as I am not the one who edited and submitted that assignment.  Jefferson was an assignment asking us to modify lyrics, but not the chords, while Lonesome asked to change the chords, but not the lyrics.

Free For All

An assignment that prompted: write a song. Given the open ended nature of the project, I strove to complete an epic orchestration of an original song. The end result is half baked, as there is no vocal track, but that will hopefully be remedied in the future.

Compose Melody and Chord Progression

Given one stanza of lyrics, we are asked to create our own chord progression and envision a new melody line. This is my first project that I have ever sung for (oh my!) and ended up with a hilarious product.

Switch Partners

This assignment involved composing a song, as well as producing a lead sheet for the song. We then randomly swapped lead sheets with another student and were asked to make two songs: one cover of our own song, and another cover of the song with the lead sheet we had been given. Not Enough was composed by me, while Proud was composed by Norah and sung by Deborah.

Opposite Assignment

Asking us to write a song in as opposite fashion as possible, this assignment challenged me to strip down my thick instrumentation style and try for more light-hearted, and perhaps childish, lyrics.

Final Portfolio Pieces

The final culmination of our semester, we were to submit a trio of pieces that displayed our range of songwriting skills we had learned from the semester. Asked to compose at least 1.5 completely new songs, I ended up editing Yellow Rain Boots, and composing two new songs from scratch. These are probably my most eloquent works, but not the most well sung.

Here, you can view the ONE PAGE that I submitted for my final portfolio. A one page similar to a musician’s paper portfolio, describing the works included in the submission. Here, I briefly discuss my three portfolio pieces, as well as include the lyrics.