WUSHU – Behind the Scenes

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First, an infinite amount of thanks goes out to my dear friend EFuzzy. Without his help and patience this project would never have completed. He endured much bickering and criticism during a personal time of stress, and I am forever grateful for the time he gave me for this project, despite how much he came to hate filming and my lack of communication upon the filming’s completion. A huge amount of work, time, and sweat went into this project, and unlike most of my assignments that I’ve worked on, this was definitely a two-man effort. Previous projects like Together Alone were done with multiple people on board, but both of us had knowledge and expertise that overlapped greatly, but here, I worked with a friend that had a completely different skillset and knowledge pool than I did. Attempting to convey each others ideas and communicate properly quickly became a project challenge but it provided a wonderful learning experience. Read More

Nomadic Journals from Texas: Days 1 & 2

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Texas is pretty flat. It was the first distinguishing feature pointed out by my host family’s mother: Texas is flat. Actually, no. The first thing you notice is that Texas is hot. Sure, 85-90 can feel OK if it’s not humid, but in Texas, it’s hot and humid, the worst combo. Honestly, if Texas weren’t actually so hot, then dang, this would be a place to die for (relatively speaking). Read More

Outburst #023: What Went Down Those Lonely Times

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I have essentially been MIA since Spring Break (despite my post about coming back with more updates). I failed to return to my computer/keyboard habitat and update the blog. Though not all is lost. Lots of stuff has happened in the past couple weeks, and I successfully updated several entries in my Portfolio section of the website. Be sure to visit to discover tons of interesting tidbits of the creative projects I’ve done over my recent semesters. More is definitely to come! Backtracking to personal happenings, I visited EFuzzy in Cambridge/Boston several weeks ago, and boy was it a blast. Read More

Westward Home

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Toro and I would like to present to you a chronicling of our adventures in California as we spend some time helping our mother move into her new apartment. Though, due to really sporadic internet availability as we frolick between homes, furniture stores, and restaurants, we will not be able to post an immediate photo-diary of our wonderful excursions (since we’re basically shopping/building furniture the entire time). Additionally, my travelling laptop doesn’t handle masses of picture editing too kindly, so it even may have to wait until school starts up again next week. Regardless, Toro is quite excited to personally show you what we’ve been doing, from pointing out the lack of any green vegetation in Fremont to experiencing our very first trip (ever) to IKEA (zomg).