Outburst #022: And we’re back!

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And we’re back! Perhaps this comes as  relief to those few of you who check up on my blog entries: “Ahhh, finally, our tri-daily dose of Chris.”


Regardless, it’s been a pretty busy past week leading up to Spring Break. And now that Spring Break has hit, I’ve gotten a chance to take it easy. Maybe a bit too easy… On the news front, the Go Club at UVa recently assembled a healthy Go Team at UVa and competed for the first time this past Saturday in a tournament match against Princeton. I played Board 5 (which basically means I suck), and ended up losing horribly due to an amaetur mistake at the very beginning of my game (ARGH!). UVa had a narrow 2-3 loss, and I feel partially responsible for the third loss (forever alone). While all most of the other players who lost were crushed, my play style, I feel, was comparable, if not slightly better, than my opponent, but I let him gain the upper hand too early in the match. How unfortunate. Otherwise, it was a wonderful, thrilling experience to get the team organized and in competition mode. We’re totally looking forward to the next match in two weeks. Read More

Outburst #021: Back [Pack] Pain

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I was part of this “magnet” magazine back in high school, called “Silver Quest.” It was a really small club/organization, and many of us had to pitch in areas that we weren’t inherently comfortable with. I personally volunteered myself to write an article but eventually failed to complete it. I had proposed to write an editorial or commentary (with some quotes by students) about why the backpacks that they carried around in high school were so ginormous.

The insane weight and bulkiness of high school backpacks aren’t exactly a national or international trend. Some students never carry a backpack at all. This is also true in College/University. Some courses don’t even require textbooks, so what would be the point in lugging so much extra weight only to cause potential harm to your spine? High school had it’s issue though, with some schools having all 7-9 classes every day (some had block schedules (alternating between even/odd periods by day)), basically inviting students to carry about eight textbooks worth of extra baggage. Granted, some classes like English had really small books, but they were still extra items that we’d have to stuff and put into our bags every morning (or at least, I never prepare my school stuff the night before).  Read More

Outburst #020: Love n’ Lost Keys

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Happy Belated Valentine’s Day. I felt like writing a Valentine’s Day post on the 14th, but got caught up in studying for an Organic Chemistry exam and thought that abiding to my three day post schedule wouldn’t hurt all that much. Valentine’s Day, or otherwise known as Singles Awareness Day, passed without much event, though Facebook was pretty flooded with the hearts and kisses. Now it’s story time.

I mentioned in Outburst #018 that I had lost my keys, consequently locking myself out of my own dorm. I lost my keys on Tuesday two weeks ago (February 1st) and found them on Saturday last week (February 12th). Most normally, one would cry in frustration at having lost their keys by the second day of being locked out of their room (I began to practice a ritual of knocking on my dorm door to see if anyone would let me in) and hurry to purchase (quite expensively) a new set of keys. Being the frugal man that I am, I thought that getting new keys wouldn’t be worthwhile. I had faith that somewhere out in the world, a samaritan would find the lost keys and turn them in. I had already reached out to our University’s main Lost and Found location, as well as our University Transport System to call me if they came upon the green Hereford lanyard (which I mistakenly called a leo-nard (a strange hybrid of lanyard and leotard) at the time T^T)) that my keys were attached to. Read More

Outburst #019: Leisurely Stroll

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For those of you who don’t know the Strutting Leo meme, it’s just another one of those semi troll-tastic memes that are funny to look at, not because of any brutal humor, but because of the contradictory emotional sensation it gives off given the contexts. Leo Strut (also known as “Leonardo DiHapprio”) is a photoshopped exploitable that uses an image taken of Leonardo DiCaprio during the filming of Christopher Nolan’s “Inception”. The original image is of DiCaprio doing a jolly strut down a street, but has been photo shopped into several scenes that usually depict a catastrophe or terrible happening, similar to Disaster Girl. DiCaprio is shopped into the scene, as if he could have stopped the incident or helped people nearby, but instead continues throughout the scene doing his jolly strut. The single topic tumblr “Fuck Yeah Strutting Leo” is a blog with only Strutting Leo. Read More

Outburst #017: I are dragon

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No kidding. Who says people can’t breathe fire? Certain indirect methods allow us to blow flames with our mouths, so it’s rather unfortunate that we can’t realistically smote our enemies with dragon fire breath or shinobi katon techniques. Don’t despair, though, my brethren! There is an alternative path of darkness that will unleash your unlimited potential: the power of Thai curry.

Why Thai curry? Spice. Those of you who are more spice veterans out there may be skeptical, but for a total spice eating noob like me, Thai curry is basically a 15 on my scale of 10 for spicy food (and I normally cannot handle a 4). Granted, our Thai host might have added a bit too much spice into the curry, and home cooked curry probably isn’t exactly representative of Thai food in general (neither is curry paste from a bag), but the curry spice levels were already way off my operating radar. High consumption levels of milk (basic) and orange juice (acidic…whut…so why orange juice) were required, probably resulting in my stomach having reached 130% capacity, with mixture levels at 75% liquid, 25% curry. Brain nearly malfunctioned. Read More

Outburts #015: 2012 Winter Playlist

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Make way for a new year and make way for yet another seasonal playlist. These playlists, I found, have provided me with incentives in discovering and learning new music that I otherwise would not have, or at the very least, listen for music where I normally do not. A similar effect occurred after having taken my Music and Computers course this fall semester; I had consequently become more aware and sensitive to the sounds in my daily life. It is both strange and wondrous to have your world opened in such a vast way with only a small paradigm shift. Now, while the music I will present here is not eye-opening at all (perhaps for another time), hopefully the melodies and styles will evoke certain feelings and emotions within your gut.

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Outburst #013: WORLD ORDER

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Introduced to me by heywire, 「WORLD ORDER」 is an unconventional “music and dance” group from Japan led by former mixed-martial-arts master Genki Sudo and boy are they great to watch. Their latest music video, “2012” is, again, hypnotic and wonderful to listen to. This most recent installment, however, acts more as a mood-setter, not sporting the same melodic head-beating that was induced with their previous “Machine Civilization,” thus making it a refreshing and welcome addition to 「WORLD ORDER」 ‘s ever-growing repertoire and discography.   Read More

Outburst #012: Nice guys finish last?

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If you think I’m referring to the YouTube video made by KevJumba and NigaHiga, you’re wrong (partially). The video is greatly entertaining, that must be said, and fully resonates with those of us who have less testosterone-oriented complexions. I’ve somehow managed to waste several hours clicking through their videos, as well as their closely linked buddies (WongFuProd, Daniel Choi, etc). I might be a little late to the YouTube star scene, but I have found equal enjoyment in watching their videos (though some are slightly too eccentric for my taste). I don’t want to talk too much about the video in particular since you can view it here, but I took the time tonight to quickly scribble this post down as a self-reflection of an experience I had this afternoon that left me feeling as if I had come out with less after having displayed an act of niceness. The story goes like this…

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Outburst #011: Bakuman (Manga)

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My Japanese cousin came to visit the United States this past spring and was one of the first opportunities I had to communicate with him about my newly developed interest in Japanese culture. My outlet to J-Culture has been mainly through anime and J-pop, but it came as a shocker when my cousin informed me that the more popular forms of media entertainment in Japan were manga and light novels, rather than anime.

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