New Portfolio Addition: Origami

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Origami - Short AnimationEven though the overall process took about 13 hours total (5 hours filming, 5 hours editing, 3 hours rendering and finalizing), I had tremendous fun with this assignment. This was my first attempt ever at stop motion, a medium I’ve held a secret fascination and appreciation for (think of Coraline, Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Nightmare Before Christmas). The general thought of having to move an immobile object for every frame in a film is generally mind-boggling in scale and effort; imagine having to move a figure about 24 times for just one second of footage. Read More


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I have joined tumblr. Sh*t.

Not that that’s a bad thing, really. Tons of friends use tumblr and it definitely serves as a venue for enlightenment, particularly in relation to today’s pop culture. There’s just so much information circulating around the tumblr-sphere that as you probably already know, it can suck the time out of you. Tumblr itself is a pretty ingenious platform and social medium. The easy reblogging set up and Facebook/Twitter-esque feed makes it simple to sift through any of the things your friends (or those you follow) are sharing. The generally more lax and informal nature of tumblr also lends itself to being updated far more frequently than your standard blog. The order of online formality probably progresses from xanga, facebook, tumblr, blogs, professional/company websites. Tumblr sits at a healthy medium between Facebook and blogs, which is good news for me, since I’ve been slacking on the post-a-blog-every-three-days rule that I set for myself. Shameful. Read More

Outbursts #030: I’m a Father!

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No. Not really.

Well. Yes. I am a father, but not by any “I fell in love, got married, and had kids” standard. Much like a big/little sib program, I’m involved in a University of Virginia program called the Peer Advising Family Network (PAFN). Most of the friends I have made at University are involved with this program, and it was PAFN that really allowed me to insert myself into the UVa community, grow in confidence, and learn to really enjoy helping others.

Interjection Note: btw, if you’re trying to watch the video and skip the blog post, skim to the bottom of the entry to find pretty obvious clue as to what the private video’s password is… Read More

Internet #007: Colors Galore

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X-Rite is a company bent on making sure we can see and understand color better. Color; definitely something we all take for granted. Developing, manufacturing, marketing and supporting innovative color solutions, X-Rite uses measurement systems, software, color standards and services to bring us the most accurate, soulful colors possible. They attempt to get the color you want right the first time, translating to better quality and reduced costs. I can’t tell you how many times I go to FedEx Kinko’s, or to my local architecture color printer room, and print version after version of atrosciously discolored pages. It’s remarkable how we have too many color systems (however standardized they may be), ranging from B/W, CMYK, RBH, CRH, and etc. Granted, every technology requires a slightly different system, but you’d think that printing businesses can stop using old CMYK and move to today’s more popular RGB. I asked the printing press used by the Washingtonian Magazine (where I worked for a summer as a design intern), and they said that converting to a new system now would be horrendous, despite CMYK’s inherent printing press faults. There just doesn’t really exist a large scale and efficient RGB printing system. Read More

Internet #004: Star Wars Uncut

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Star Wars fans are some of the most passionate (and oldest) in the world. It’s why George Lucas could go from being a hero to science-fiction fans everywhere to one of the most demonized people on the planet following the release of the special editions and prequels. But that’s the negative side of freedom. There’s a wonderfully positive side to this situation: Star Wars continues to inspire generations. Creativity and dreaming imaginations take flight  in a new video online that is one of the greatest examples of fan appreciation that…basically exists. Read More

Winter Break Project: Tufts Supplement

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While many of us celebrated the new year with food and drink, many high school seniors (and their families for that matter) spent hours and days up to the new year working on something called College Applications. Granted, not every high school student entertains college applications up until the very last minute; many wish to knock it out as quickly as possible. But for those of us who have a tendency to procrastinate (or don’t find our work complete until the deadline arrives), working until the last minute is part of our work method.

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Just a hop n’ a skip away

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And just like that, the new year is around the corner. It’s definitely always a surprise to see time pass by so quickly, but the extra time winter break has given me has allowed me to redesign/reprogram my website and blog setup. Multiple WordPress themes were combined together in an attempt to unify both the parent home url ( with its more active child link, the blog. I am delighted to reveal that the transfer of information and site structure has been mostly successful. There is a ton of extra work I need to do to re-link all the past photo/music uploads, as well as reconstructing my portfolio pieces, but I believe that this new setup will allow for greater flexibility in the future. Read More

Outburst #011: Bakuman (Manga)

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My Japanese cousin came to visit the United States this past spring and was one of the first opportunities I had to communicate with him about my newly developed interest in Japanese culture. My outlet to J-Culture has been mainly through anime and J-pop, but it came as a shocker when my cousin informed me that the more popular forms of media entertainment in Japan were manga and light novels, rather than anime.

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Life is…complicated?

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In our Music and Computer Class (otherwise known as MUSI3390), I have both a Professor and Teaching Assistant who are individuals with the most strange and compelling personalities. The closest description I can think of is that they represent what my conception of a “true artist.” Their very happiness  seem to derive from a certain niche satisfactions that differ from those of the typical masses. An example? Both of them have super stark humor and share a certain geekiness that exposes their strange pleasures in what they do. As our Professor programs MaxMSP demos to illustrate how to create low, high, and band filters, it is quite a pleasure to witness his smile that is equal to a child playing with a toy rattle.

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Outburst #004: The art of being a troll

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I was recently having a conversation with Arma, who reminded me of a time I trolled itzhakkim over the phone. The memory brought back wide smiles so I thought I’d briefly recount the story.

For those of you who are not entirely familiar with the term (though I’m sure most of you are), trolling typically involves inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic comments in an online community. Trolling, however, is not limited to the interweb. Trolling in real life can similarly be considered as merely annoying someone repeatedly in the same manner for no particular reason. The end goal for me, though was to illicit an amusing emotional response from the person who I was calling. Read More