Outbursts #029: Novels VS Films

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The movie is better than the book. The book is better than the movie. Which is better? The debate for whether a film adaptation of a popular novel (or any novel, for that matter) can meet or exceed expectations of its fans has been one for the ages. For sure, numerous film studios (live action and animation) have hunkered down and spewed films that draw from pre-existing material. The advantages of this include many: having an original source to draw inspiration from, having pre-existing marketing material or ideas for fans to get excited about (therefore increasing revenue based purely on anticipation), and being able to work with your favorite childhood (or adulthood) characters and bring them to life. Many risks accompany such a decision, as well, however, ranging from total crashing and burning of the movie fails (Golden Compass and Animal Farm come to mind) to being completely forgotten in the voids of film making (not sure which is better). Read More

Dreaming the Fantasy

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With the advent of franchises like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, popular memes that ‘quiz’ you on your personality have have sprouted all over the interweb, and as meaningless as they may seem, the fact that there is a system that will help you determine what you’re most like is intriguing all the same. For those who are fans of either the Boy-Who-Lived or the Ring-That-Cannot-Be-Destroyed-Except-for-In-Mount-Doom, who wouldn’t want to know how their own person could potentially fit into said fantasy world? Read More

That doesn’t make any !@#$ing sense

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Sometimes, life just doesn’t make sense, offering those wtf moments in my day where I am confounded to no end. Why do we drive on a parkway but park on a driveway? What would happen if Pinocchio said “my nose will now grow”?

Beats me.

Maybe such anomalies aren’t really thought-provoking as much as frustrating logical parodoxes and aren’t worth our precious time being mulled over. But trying to think certain things through occasionally throws life into a new perspective. I mean, what if you really are just a reflection of the man in the puddle? Read More

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

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The Harry Potter movies were never really about making the best piece of film, they were about bringing a fantastical world to live and invigorating the dreams and thoughts of those who read the Harry Potter book series by J.K. Rowling. When the books initially came out, the magical world where Hogwarts existed felt, at times, more tangible than our own world. So confident and fleshed was all the lore and history in Rowling’s universe (undoutedely inspired by a great wealth and ancient myths and mythology) that slipping into the magical wizard or witch slippers was as easy as picking up the book and reading from page one. This all started 14 years ago and the Harry Potter series, books and movies, have spread throughout the world like no other, capturing the hearts and imaginations of people young and old. But sadly, as Rowling had to put down the pen for her closing chapter, so must the long saga about The Boy Who Lived draw to a close with its eighth and final film installment in the Harry Potter franchise.

[warning; minor spoilers] Read More