2D Animation - (Flash/Photoshop/TVPaint)


3D Animation - (Maya)


Adobe CS6 - (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, AfterEffects)


Music - (Logic Pro/MaxMSP/Cubase)


Programming - (HTML/CSS/WordPress/Javascript)


Who Am I?

Christopher Hsing is currently an animator at Riot Games working on League of Legends. He started working at Riot Games after studying animation at the Animation CollaborativeAnimation Mentor Online School, and AnimSchool. Christopher is a 2013 graduate from the University of Virginia where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music while completing an Architecture Minor. As a son of two PhD parents, Christopher also has a background in the sciences and while he currently doesn’t practice anything in the medical field, he believes that both artistic and scientific sensitives help inform each other of their greater potential and limits. He hopes to combine his interests in art, science, and music together someday in the future.

Christopher’s favorite film of all time Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. His current favorite foods include ikura and poke. And Christopher is currently playing New Game + on Persona 5 and struggling to beat Persona 4: Dancing All Night.


Cello Solo Performance


Music Composition/Theory


Chamber Music Experience


Orchestra Experience


Digital Music/Production/Sound


The Sound of Music

A cellist of sixteen years, Christopher most recently participated in the 2013 Stanford Summer Orchestra. He also participated in Standford’s Chamber Music Program from 2013-2015. At the University of Virginia, Christopher studied under the tutelage of Professor Adam Carter and was an active musician in the Charlottesville community, participating in the Charlottesville and University Symphony Orchestra, Opera Viva Pit Orchestra, and local music gigs. Prior, Christopher studied with National Symphony Orchestra Assistant Principal Cellist Glenn Garlick. Christopher was co-principal cellist in the American Youth Philharmonic located in Virginia from 2006 to 2009. In 2008, he attended the Aspen Music Festival and School, studying under Richard Aaron, a world-renowned cello professor at the University of Michigan.

Christopher hopes to find more ways to get involved in music in the Greater Los Angeles Area.






Video Games - (StarCraft II/League of Legends)


Music Collecting


Outside of Work

Christopher spends most of his free time playing League of Legends, editing footage from vacation trips, and finding ways to improve his animation skills. He also has various interests in other activities such as weiqi/go, origami, biking, and eating ramen.

One of Christopher’s side passions that inspired him to become an animator was manga/anime. His favorite manga series include Bakuman and Fullmetal Alchemist. MushishiNausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Wolf Children, and G.A. Geijutsuka Art Design Class rank as his favorite animes of all time.

Christopher is also a huge fan of Japanese food. Every Sunday he eats at a restaurant called LA Tsujita and orders their delicious ajitama tsukemen. It has become some sort of ritual after 2 years in Los Angeles.