BLOG@themoment is the sporadic and impulsive blog of zuangster, revealing a window into his thoughts and stance about a variety of topics that will hopefully be of interest to you as well. Why else would you be here, eh? @themoment first started as the sighs of efuzzy n’ zuangster, a blog co-authored with efuzzy, zuangster’s close friend. Serving as a place to dump their ramblings about various subjects, the sighs of efuzzy n’ zuangster included movie reviews, music observations, and life meditations.

AUTHOR – zuangster’s passion span an eclectic range of academic disciplines and hobbies. A student of architecture, music, and pre-medicine at his university, zuangster is quite confused and lost as to what direction his life is headed. He is hopeful that the choices he makes will be right one and will ultimately bring him comfort and happiness as he continues to age. zuangster has often pondered whether the the title of artistic scientist or scientific artist holds more societal merit; perhaps they are of equal worth, but nonetheless, though zuangster has not discovered a way to meld all his academical pursuits into one all-inclusive profession or idea, he is optimistic in what fate has in store for him.

zuangster’s non-academic passions can more or less be summarized by electronic and art media. This can broadly include, but is not limited to, movies, video games, digital painting, 2D/3D-animation, film editing, and web design. zuangster’s first gaming system, the SNES, initiated his love for gaming, and though not a very hardcore or high level gamer, zuangster immensely enjoys his time playing StarCraft and StarCraft 2 with his friends. zuangster also busies himself keeping up with current anime series and light novels. His favorite anime (and movie) of all time is Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, directed by Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli. More information about zuangster’s more specific interests in anime can be found at his profile.