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It’s been a year. Where did the time go? What have I accomplished since June 2013? How is it already halfway through 2014? Why do we never notice these things sooner?

A. Whole. Year.

Now before any of you go about giggling at a largely unintentional and unrelated pun, think about the fact that nearly 365 full days of the sun and moon going up and down (well, technically, the sun doesn’t move, but whatever) have passed since 2013 graduation (congrats to the class of 2014, btw). For those still in school, this marks yet another academic year gone by and my, oh my, did that go by quickly.

A lot has changed since I left Charlottesville; found a part time job, decided to switch career paths once more, familiarized myself with west coast culture. Yet, despite all these differences, I don’t feel very different as a person. I’ve noticed that after four years of college, my personality and demeanor morphed slowly each year. I grew more confident and content with myself. Happy to be who I was. This is probably greatly due to the wonderful people I met at UVa and how these individuals molded my social life so positively. It’s definitely felt pretty lonely on opposite side of the country, and even though itzhakkim hunkered over to Cali to visit momentarily during the Fall of 2013, it’s hard not seeing the people you saw so consistently over the past four years.

That being said, however, there is a level of amusement that accompanies the realization that a major percentage of my graduating high school senior class all reside in the Bay Area. Most of the male students from my high school were all computer science/engineering focused, and if not DC or New York, then why not California? Silicon Valley is where it’s at for these guys and basically the entire class came here by storm upon graduation. I’m not super close friends with most of the class but we all get along just fine and have our occasional meet ups which are always nice. The Class of 2009 ladies, however, are all mainly in medical school (or related fields like Law or Dentistry) and being the super awesome people they always were. Who knew?

Now while everyone is working six figure salaries at Facebook, Google, and whatnot, I discovered my own little part-time paradise at The Container Store in Palo Alto. We opened in October and have been running strong ever since. It’s definitely a neat experience, working at a retail store; all the customer service and inventory counting were skills that I’ve never encountered before and have greatly benefited from learning. I also feel fortunate to be having my first retail experience at a place such as the Container Store (rated as top 100 companies to work for for the 15th straight year (or was it 25?)) where they care very much for their employees. Most of this time in retail is to help pay for the animation classes that I’m enrolled in.

I currently take classes at both the Animation Collaborative and Animation Mentor School (Emeryville and Online, respectively). At the moment, I’m learning how to animate animals and creatures in an attempt to increase my worth net when I apply for internships/jobs for the coming summer/fall and next year. I’ve seen great improvement in my skills/knowledge (been learning for only about 7-8 months) and hope to see myself grow even more.

But enough with the sentiments; let’s talk business.

Some may notice the website has some slight changes to it; over the course of the year, the original author of this WordPress theme has updated certain features and options so I had to update the site’s infrastructure a bit to accommodate the changes. I’m reviewing my past portfolio pieces and some blog entries and updating the links so that they all work; some links such as all my audio clips for my Songwriting 3370 class were broken.

And thus, with a Phoenix Down applied and this entry posted, I revive from the dead.

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