Outbursts #032: 2012 Fall Playlist

By November 18, 2012Introspective, Music, Outbursts

UPDATE! UPDATE! The vastly overdue 2012 Fall Playlist has arrived!

Classes have been in session forever and are almost near their end (huzzah for Thanksgiving). Sadly, this semester has actually been the most consuming one yet (no fourth year cruising?) so I never got around to adding a playlist for when autumn actually arrived. That coupled with problems uploading to Grooveshark due to their massive website redesign and changes stopped me from being able to actually present the songs I had prepared. I’ll be going to New Jersey for Thanksgiving with my parents, who’ll be dropping in DC to drive me up, to visit my sister at Princeton. She’s been having a blast in college; definitely prefers it from high school, but is still getting used to both the academic and social pressures presented post-high school. Still, fairly excited to see how the semi-adult world has changed her. She doesn’t seem very different on Skype, though…

This Fall Playlist was compiled to evoke a sense of calm swing and breeze. Though the actual weather is more inconsistent here in Charlottesville than one would normally like, the fact that leaves magically change colours is reason enough for such a stylistic playlist. Imagine strolling down a lane of autumn trees, feeling the tickling breeze upon your cheeks. It’s not too cold, nor is it too hot. A mixture of mysterious energy and calmness swirl around you, instilling in you a sense of wonder about the world. But that’s not all. The second half of playlist is sprinkled with unbridled youth. The solemnity of the receding summer is replaced with childlike excitement about the quickly approaching winter. What am I even talking about. Sorry…it’s 3AM…

Beware, again, of the variable audio levels between each song.


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