I have joined tumblr. Sh*t.

Not that that’s a bad thing, really. Tons of friends use tumblr and it definitely serves as a venue for enlightenment, particularly in relation to today’s pop culture. There’s just so much information circulating around the tumblr-sphere that as you probably already know, it can suck the time out of you. Tumblr itself is a pretty ingenious platform and social medium. The easy reblogging set up and Facebook/Twitter-esque feed makes it simple to sift through any of the things your friends (or those you follow) are sharing. The generally more lax and informal nature of tumblr also lends itself to being updated far more frequently than your standard blog. The order of online formality probably progresses from xanga, facebook, tumblr, blogs, professional/company websites. Tumblr sits at a healthy medium between Facebook and blogs, which is good news for me, since I’ve been slacking on the post-a-blog-every-three-days rule that I set for myself. Shameful.

My new tumblr can be found at zuangster.tumblr.com. It’s still wonderful to see that noone else has had the creativity (perhaps stupidity is more fitting) to coin the name zuangster for their own. Well…that’s not entirely true. To my utter surprise, I discovered about a year ago there was one website that already had the handle zuangster taken. If I remember correctly, it was some anime forum, which leads to me to think that I might’ve have registered the name in my sleep. But who knows.

So we tumblr on, like a tumblrweed in a lonely desert.


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