Outbursts #031: 2012 Summer Playlist

By August 8, 2012Music, Outbursts

And here, I am proud to present a newly updated seasonal playlist presentation! It wasn’t all the difficult, really. Just make a playlist in Grooveshark (which is shamefully awesome) and grab the embed code. Sure, hex-replacing is required to get the colors and size just right, but otherwise, it was pretty straightforward. This format is not only super¬†easy for me to handle playlists and music, but hopefully it is also more convenient for you listeners out there. I previously pitched the idea of batching iTunes playlists and uploading them here, where the heart of the idea was to make the experience more similar to listening to a playlist rather than a list of embedded song files. Here, I can freely manipulate my Grooveshark playlists (which you can directly visit, btw) and have them automatically update! How cool is that? Additionally, now the songs will continuously cycle to the next song in queue, forever trashing the previous seasonal playlists’ need to click n’ play each song in order to listen.¬†And without further adieu, hit that play button and listen as you read!

Summer break is nearly over (for those of us who have summer breaks), and those in school will soon be returning to their dorms, apartments, and luxury homes (lol) to once again put their nose to the grindstone. As a born east coaster, it feels strange experiencing the summer in California where the weather is nearly perfect everyday. Rarely, if ever, is there a day where humidity or temperature are a problem, quite unlike Maryland and Virginia, were during the summer, the air is so moist you could swim in it.

Waking up every morning at 6:30AM to the chilly dawn air where multiple layers are required during summer is definitely a jarring experience, especially considering how one must normal shed these extra layers like a molting larvae as the day progresses into the afternoon. Regardless, it is still probably near to impossible to shake off the intermediate feeling of uplifting freedom crossed with imprisoning bars.

Summer, to me, is about calm reflection coupled with unbridled joy and happiness. These songs in this summer’s playlist attempt to express these variants of serenity, as well as dance-provoking energy. As I’ve easily discovered, it’s quite difficult for me to venture into long descriptions for each song/piece I include each playlist. Thus, I’ve again revised my approach to include an overarching description of each playlist compilation rather than specific reflections (after all, who among you actually read those babbling rants?). I do plan, however, to start adding music album compilation and reviews, where I would go more into depth with my thoughts and reactions, as every time I try to put together these seasonal playlists, I seem to be continuously tempted to include multiple songs from an artist.

And with that, I hope you enjoy this playlist of sensually smooth and pleasingly round energy. Beware of the variable audio levels between each song.


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