Internet #006: A New Face

By June 22, 2012Internet

Most of you probably already know my obsession about Pixar. Constantly bent over each film’s release date (Monster’s University comes out next year!), I can never manage to hide my excitement for this animation studio’s work. I’ve mentioned in previous posts of my love for the field of animation, as well as Pixar. With the release of Brave on June 22, 2012 (TODAY!), Pixar decided to completely revamp their website, and for good cause. Their old website was aged and plain, though still very clean. For a studio at the top of industry standards, it felt strange to have a website that chronicles and displays their work in sub optimal (and out of date) fashion.

The new website is sexy, gorgeous, and CHOCK-FULL of featurettes. I collect DVDs and Blu-Rays of Pixar films in an effort to expose myself to all the “making of”‘s they have to offer. Pixar’s insight into their creative process is nothing short of astounding and exists as further reason why they’re a truly unique animation studio. I can’t help but get all emotional every time I watch these featurettes seeing the sheer joy and excitement all the people who work on a project share. Be sure to check out the featurettes for Toy Story 3, UP, and WALL-E if nothing else. They’re wonderfully informative and so amazing (they’re under the VIDEOS tab in the top right corner).

If you guys haven’t seen it yet, here’s the teaser trailer for Monster’s University that’s attached to the film Brave in cinemas today.


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