Every May/June is a time for celebration: schools let out, families reunite, summer begins, andglasses graduate. This past May/June, the University of Virginia’s Class of 2012 walked the Lawn and wore the Honors of Honors, marking a very large milestone in thousands of student’s lives. However, there was another cLass that requires just as much praise and excitement.

Congratulations, Winston Churhill High School’s Class of 2012!

My lil’ sister has finally reached the end of her high school career, and boy was it a wild ride, complete with traumatic project deadlines, senior prom, tween drama, and more. I still can’t believe my sister is now a high school graduate; it amazes that she has grown up so fast as I can still clearly remember her middle school chubby complexion. Her rapid transformation in beauty and maturity leaves me positively speechless and infinitely proud. From what I know of my sister, I doubt Princeton will be much of a challenge. Rather, Princeton’ll be a cinch! Meimei fighting!

Ah…I remember my graduation being relatively flat and emotionless, where I was pretty much unaffected by the closing if my high school chapter, but I was surprisingly close to tears during my sister’s commencement. Sigh…

P.S. I’m in California rightnow, helping the famwith with the move. Using an iPad to post a blog entry has been a very difficult, technically difficult, but refreshing experience for me. More to come later.

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  • heywire says:

    Congrats to your sister! That looks like my graduation…the women wore white, and the men wore blue. Though at mine, we were all mixed together for the seating.

    Hope you’re enjoying CA 🙂

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