Outburst #025: What now?

I wrote a post a while back, reflecting on my transition between high school and college. It was a thoughtful exercise and one that was ultimately very revealing of my fear and unstable future. It has speedily reached 2012, and another wave of UVa graduates (about 6,ooo, to give an estimate) have walked down the lawn and wear the Honor of Honors. First off congratulations to the Class of 2012…

…and sh*t I’m already a fourth year.

If it weren’t already bad enough that there’s only a year left (hardly enough to get my GPA and prep for grad school on track), but I failed to line up anything for the summer. Though my application for Pixar’s Technical Undergraduate Program failed to push through again, I had banked a lot of hope on my third and final shot, completely disregarding any alternative plans for summer work or internships. As I touched on before in my last post, I’m not one to really plan ahead. I’m more of a ‘live in the moment’ type of person (to my mother’s dismay), and it is a trait I’m both proud and hateful of.

Perhaps this trait reveals why I’m able to consume exceeding amounts of anime, dramas, and StarCraft in one sitting. I compare myself to EFuzzy, who seems to have an inability to pass two episodes of Legend of Korra, or Fate/Zero, or several hours of StarCraft II, without informing me of his consequent exhaustion. I can’t hold this against him, since evidently, EFuzzy takes his hobbies fairly seriously, and gives every element and aspect proper thought and digestion. While EFuzzy exclaims “everything in moderation,” I reply, “everything in  moderation including moderation!”

So what exactly does this entail. Regarding anime and dramas here’s what I’m currently watching:

  1. Legend of Korra
  2. Fate/Zero
  3. Kids on the Slope – Sakamichi no Apollon
  4. Naruto Shippuden
  5. Naruto SD – Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden
  6. Saki, Side A
  7. Eureka Seven: AO
  8. Hyouka
  9. Polar Bear Cafe

Here’s what I picked up (had to catch up 6-7 episodes):

  1. Tsuritama
  2. Acchi Kocchi

And deciding that I’ve been experiencing heavy exposure to Japanese language based shows, I proposed to EFuzzy that we start watching some C/T-Dramas to learn Chinese (pft~), where, of course, I serve as the preliminary filter. Thus, I blasted through the first episodes of ~10 C/T-Dramas. Here are some that I can remember off the top of my head:

  1. It Started With a Kiss / 惡作劇之吻
  2. Hi My Sweetheart / 海派甜心
  3. Autumn’s Concerto / 下一站,幸福
  4. Sunny Happiness / 幸福最晴天
  5. Devil Beside You / 惡魔在身邊
  6. Symphony of Fate / 命運交響曲
  7. Way Back Into Love / 愛。回來
  8. Black and White / 痞子英雄

Disregarding the fact that I wasted a bit too much time in from of my computer for the past week, it struck me how strange live action dramas are. I’ve watched some live action dramas, including Boys Before Flowers, Nodame Cantabile, Beethoven Virus, and Galileo, but I am continuously shocked by how poor the entertainment industry in Asia. If anything, Korea’s dramas outstrip J-Dramas and C-Dramas in quality and quantity. Chinese and Taiwanese dramas are both pretty low on the popularity charts, though a couple make it near the top (such as Devil Beside You and Autumn’s Concerto). This probably has a lot to do with the cultural styles and types of elements each series focuses on. Chinese and Taiwanese dramas tend to focus a lot more on family issues while Korean dramas are becoming masters of the teenage and young adult love craziness. Japanese dramas…just tend to cover anything you can really think of, from swindling, to students killing each other, to cross dressing, and to tentacle loving ninjas (er….).

In the end, I chose to stick with Autumn’s Concerto because who on earth doesn’t love Xiao Xiao Bin/Wen Xuan Ye (小小彬 / 温玄烨)? But I digress. I’ll probably put up some posts on my thoughts of Autumn’s Concerto, because despite the horrendous storytelling and execution of tasteful vision and ideas, I can’t help but still love the series (ah, dear).

A couple my friends asked me at a rehearsal, “What do you do at home during the summer?” I replied, “Nothing.”

“Yeah,” they said. “Us too.”


P.S.  Oh…I also caught up on on both seasons of BBC’s Sherlock with Cumberbatch and Freeman. Watch it.
P.P.S. Wow…I totally digressed from the point of this post…uuuuuuh…well..good. That’s OK. I’ll probably be brain dumping for a couple of weeks to get back into the blogging routine. Hopefully it’ll make the transition less painful.

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  • Olivia says:

    lol. Devil Beside You? Bleh. Yeah it’s popular… but it’s not very good. Chinese dramas are pretty awful, Taiwanese are okay. Korean…I’d like them better if I understood them.

    Also… you watch WAY TOO MUCH TV.

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