Outburst #024: What’s so Hard?

What’s so hard about constantly updating a blog? Nothing to write about? Nothing interesting to discuss? Actually, what’s so difficult about doing something consistently and habitually? I’ve never been very good at daily routines, ever since I was little, and it’s pretty obvious with my study habits, less than favorable inclination to practice cello, as well as other things. Even now, after having, again, been absent wordpress nearly another month, I remind myself every day, “Hey, perhaps I should write something…anything…on the blog…just because…” And every time I get back to my computer, I decide to put it off another day.

I can’t say I was too busy ever since my last post (though I was pretty busy), since I’m pretty sure most people, despite being busy, could squeeze in a post or two on a blog if they really wanted to. And that is exactly the issue: “if they really wanted to.” Ultimately, the deciding factor is whether writing a post is a priority or not. The fact that for some it is exemplified through the thousands and thousands of blogs that are updated on a daily bases around the world. It’s definitely inspiring and impressive to see so many individuals passionately write about, discuss, and share their interests with whoever is willing to listen. Similarly, as many people as there are who religiously adhere to posting new material, there are just as many people, if not more, who choose not to. Take my good friends EFuzzy, itzhakkim, and linzian; they’ve all started a blog of some sort (and to be honest, probably due to my constant pestering), and have failed to revisit their own blog (some, for nearly an entire year). I can’t really criticize them for their own laziness, as they have evidently chosen to not maintain their presence on the world wide web, and I’ve succumbed to similar sentiments, but it’s a shame.

Ah well.

It’s similar with practicing cello. There’s time to practice. There’s room to practice. The cello’s right down the hall, sitting in the locker. But in the end, the prospect of practicing (or writing a post) isn’t too attractive. Is the pain/work level required to consequently enjoy the task too high? Is the activation energy level too great to even try?┬áStrange, though, how this post was relatively painless and easy to brain dump out. Perhaps it’s related to how exceptionally bored I am and how intensely I do not wish to engage in life-related-conversations with my parents at the moment.

At the very least, I’ve got a lot of material to post over the next couple of weeks; mainly a lot of songs that I completed in my MUSI3370 Songwriting course. I’m also kind of late on the 2012 Spring Playlist, so look forward to that.


P.S. If you’re not watching the Legend of Korra, you fail at life; go watch it.

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