Outburst #023: What Went Down Those Lonely Times

By April 17, 2012Introspective, Life, Travel

I have essentially been MIA since Spring Break (despite my post about coming back with more updates). I failed to return to my computer/keyboard habitat and update the blog. Though not all is lost. Lots of stuff has happened in the past couple weeks, and I successfully updated several entries in my Portfolio section of the website. Be sure to visit to discover tons of interesting tidbits of the creative projects I’ve done over my recent semesters. More is definitely to come! Backtracking to personal happenings, I visited EFuzzy in Cambridge/Boston several weeks ago, and boy was it a blast.

The overarching plan was to implement a mini-exchange program where I visit Cambridge/Boston for the last portion of my Spring Break, and EFuzzy comes to visit Charlottesville for the beginning portion of his. Staying in Cambridge/Boston for a couple days gave me a new perspective on college life; I realized before that Charlottesville was a little isolated, but the huge difference in college lifestyle in Cambridge/Boston was supremely striking. One aspect of UVA that is truly special is our attachment to what we call Grounds. The definition of our college/university territory is pretty clear cut, or at the very least, you know when you’re on grounds or not. In Cambridge/Boston, the University  buildings are intermingled with residential houses and local shops at every block. It is impossible to know beforehand what a particular building is used for, unless there’s a blatant sign on the wall.

Regardless, let’s talk about what we did. I arrived at the Boston Logan Airport Wednesday evening, where EFuzzy promptly met me as I exited the terminal. Feeling hungry, we hurried over to get dinner at a sushi diner. We spent nearly 10-15 minutes trying to figure out what to eat. I’m no sushi connoisseur, but I’m a bit picky with what kind of sushi I eat. There’s not only the expensive prices to keep in mind, but the economy of what you eat and how much of it. While I probably could stomach a bunch of sashimi really fast, it’s more satisfying to eat a variety of sushi to get the full experience. Eventually, EFuzzy and I ordered a boat (basically a boat with an eclectic collection of sushi/sashimi. EFuzzy also ordered fried eel (which happened to taste amazing), and beat me to the check, which made me quite upset. The rest of Wednesday evening concluded with hanging out at Edward’s friend’s dorm, reading manga and trying to play StarCraft 2 on my failure of a laptop. I ended up forcing EFuzzy to catch up with the latest 15-20 chapters of Naruto, to my approval.

Thursday was when things got rough. Not only did we have to get up early (during my spring break), but we actually ate breakfast, which is a meal I normally skip, despite the supposed fact that breakfast is the most healthy meal of the day. With a slight stomach-ache due to not being able to digest food at an unfamiliar hour of the day, we hobbled over to some classes. The first class wasn’t so bad, actually. I wrestled with the first theorem on the board, trying to make sure I understood the topic of the class before I moved on, but by the time I had given up on deciphering the relative importance of the equation, I realized I was about three blackboard lengths behind. A shame really, my brain’s been rotting since freshman year in the hard math department, not that I have anyone to blame but myself….

I went to some of the classes (including Complex Analysis, CS51, CS221), which were all fascinating, but to my dismay, were generally discussing material above my mental capacity, so I dropped any desire to truly absorb my temporarily free education at the Big H. We went jogging after that, and I don’t exactly want to get into the details for that (since running != my personal forte, and things that are not my personal forte != good stories). Though, I will mention that running along the Charles River has it’s positive aspects (don’t tell EFuzzy, since I gave him a hard time about running, period).

We ate at the dining hall after that, and let me say UVa’s got it pretty good in terms of dining. The only huge difference (besides out food being better), is the policy and layout of the dining hall. Each dorm/house at Harvard have dining halls at the bottom ground floor and can be used as a study, hanging, or relaxing space. This is all in addition to the normal eating hours. Whereas at UVa, we’re asked to swipe upon entering the dining hall, regardless of if we’re eating or not (well…I’ve never tried to go into the dining hall without any intention of eating….but….), one can simply hobble into the DHall at Harvard and chill for about an hour (and then possibly get food, hehe). EFuzzy and I ate our dinner and hung about in the DHall for a couple hours after. EFuzzy worked on some of his homework, but I busied myself by playing some Go. I know, productive, eh. The end of that evening included some StarCraft II, but without my own desktop, keyboard, and mouse, I ended up spectating for the most part (or dying a lot since I could not use EFuzzy’s lame excuse for a mouse).

OK. I give up. I’ve been trying to script out our activities in prose instead of a list since that creates more interest, but it has been taking too long; so here is the last day’s records of what we did in Boston/Cambridge before heading down to C-Ville.


  • SW21 Section, Zuangster slept in
  • Lunch with Shirley (High School Friend; DANG did he grow taller and more handsome (aka, less nerdy) (not…that I would know…))
  • Algebra (<– not the algebra ur thinking; this is DARN hard)
  • Walking around Cambridge, random Used Bookstore, Bubble Tea
  • Piano Jam Session
  • Dinner at the Kong (American Chinese Food ~ initiated interesting discussion about inadequate Chinese speaking skills for American born Chinese)
  • Watched PoyoPoyo
  • Cards with Eric, Adam, Rediet

I’ll leave the day that we travelled to Charlottesville, and consequently our C-Ville apart of the exchange program, for a later post.

I also have a long list of stuff to write about, so hopefully I can get back into the swing of things. Dang, it’s been more than a  month….


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