Internet #004: Star Wars Uncut

By February 22, 2012Experimental, Internet, Movie

Star Wars fans are some of the most passionate (and oldest) in the world. It’s why George Lucas could go from being a hero to science-fiction fans everywhere to one of the most demonized people on the planet following the release of the special editions and prequels. But that’s the negative side of freedom. There’s a wonderfully positive side to this situation: Star Wars continues to inspire generations. Creativity and dreaming imaginations take flight  in a new video online that is one of the greatest examples of fan appreciation that…basically exists.

Star Wars Uncut.

This massive projects takes Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and asks for fans around the world to recreate the film in their own way, 15 seconds at at time. The project began in 2009 and now, three years later, the spliced, spun, diced, mended, knitted, glued and completed project is online. Kudos to whoever edited the entire thing. I’m not sure I would’ve survived getting going through endless clips from an innumerable and psychotic amount of fans.

EFuzzy and I have not yet watched the entire movie through its entirety, but there is a great wealth of amusement, inspiration, and craft in this two hour film. Much like song mash ups or songs sung by different artists in turn, Star Wars Uncut  instills within us a sense of awe and spirit where we catch a glimpse of mankind’s ability to share a common love. I for one, was super fascinated to see so many people from all walks of life delivering their own interpretation, serious or comical, of a film that has captured the hearts of many.

I must say that I am curious about the legality of this project, particularly because it does use some actual footage from Lucas’ film and, in other parts, just the audio. Knowing how hardcore Lucas and his team of lawyers are, it could be taken down at anytime. Well…regardless. It’s an amazing work.

My favorite clips so far include 2:13 (the paper looking flames) and 7:04 (vintage hand animation ftw).

If you prefer a YouTube version, that can be found here.

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