Internet #002: Amuseful

By February 7, 2012Internet

I’m pretty grateful that I made this category on my blog. If the pattern isn’t already obvious enough, I try to post at least one entry every 3 days. Fortunately, the Internet category has given me flexibility in times of stress and compressed times. The interweb is a nearly infinite playground, and though so many people already know about so many places we can visit with just the typing of a url, there are so many things to find.

One such example that I share today is, a website that I have been browsing through for a while now. To my pleasant surprise, however, I discovered recently that the site was founded/created by two of my friends (as well as a handful of other people) from my high school.  The artistic one of the group, or at least, that I know of, is quite the talented photographer. Most of her works can be found at her personal website or her DeviantArt page. Her photography is both sensitive and innovative and holds so much charm and originality that you wonder where the creativeness comes from; each work strongly reveals her personal style, taste, and vision of artistic expression.   

amuseful was started as a fun way of keeping track of products that were amusing and useful, according to the founders. Many people who find themselves shopping online or window shopping at the mall tend to find themselves entranced by items of unique characteristics or making. It is said that amuseful is a place where a group of people can share with us the products that make us think for an extra second, wonder for several moments, or tickle our brains so hard that the items ingenuity speaks for itself.  amuseful is a site oriented mainly around photos, as it should be. The minimalistic presentation of the site lets each product’s photo speak for itself and show the world what we’ve been missing. Prices and original links to the products accompany individual items. Just the other night, I ran into the Sushi Memo Block (pictured above), which, though may be difficult to read from sometimes (depending on your pen color), was too cute to spare several seconds of staring.

I am amused.

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