Internet #001: Kern Me

By February 4, 2012Internet

Starting a new section! I’ve been running into some difficulties of pulling out topics to write about, especially things of any sort of amusement or introspective value, so I decided to add a new category of posts in addition to my Outbursts section (since life only dishes out so many quirky things at a time): ze’ Internet.

This new category was created in similar vain to the working of a certain Tumblr, where re-posting and re-posting and re-posting popular posts from the internet spreads like wildfire. This type of blogging has both pros and cons. I find it as a fundamentally lazy way to blog, not providing any amount of insight or discussion about certain topics; however, the material that Tumblr accounts and posts have been able to accrue is nothing less than amazing. Numerous of my tumblring friends post highly engaging and interesting findings from the inter-web, and though I wish I knew more about what they were thinking about it, I end up losing many hours browsing other tumblrs as well. This isn’t to say that some tumblring handles don’t write their blog posts. It’s merely a generalization.

With this new section, I’ll be posting various findings that my friends share with me from the web. This includes youtube videos (I already shared one that I was personally fond of), New Yorker articles, and websites of commendable uniqueness. This is all subjective, granted, but hopefully this new section provides some entertainment value, or at least serves as a potential procrastination aide (no that I support it).

So here’s the first post.

Kern Type, the kerning game, is the latest “cool thing” (at least, in my recent days). Designers and typography nerds/fans know what I’m talking about when something like kerning becomes super exciting. The ability to flexibly space letters based on their shape and contours to maximize ease in reading is a subtle beauty not many can grasp (though I’m not so great at it myself). Kerning is essentially the process of adjusting the spacing between characters to achieve proper visual balance. In the olden days of setting type, this was an art form. Sadly, now many people are ignorant of processes such as kerning, let alone the idea of typography.

My respective scores ended up as follows:

  • WAVE 100
  • TYPE 71
  • HOLLY 100
  • AWAIT 100
  • YVESS 49*
  • ROISSY 77
  • QUIJOTE 100
  • gargantuan 100
  • Toronto 44*
  • Xylophone 77

*words that my father personally kerned

What did you get?

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