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February 2012

Internet #004: Star Wars Uncut

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Star Wars fans are some of the most passionate (and oldest) in the world. It’s why George Lucas could go from being a hero to science-fiction fans everywhere to one of the most demonized people on the planet following the release of the special editions and prequels. But that’s the negative side of freedom. There’s a wonderfully positive side to this situation: Star Wars continues to inspire generations. Creativity and dreaming imaginations take flight  in a new video online that is one of the greatest examples of fan appreciation that…basically exists. Read More

Outburst #021: Back [Pack] Pain

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I was part of this “magnet” magazine back in high school, called “Silver Quest.” It was a really small club/organization, and many of us had to pitch in areas that we weren’t inherently comfortable with. I personally volunteered myself to write an article but eventually failed to complete it. I had proposed to write an editorial or commentary (with some quotes by students) about why the backpacks that they carried around in high school were so ginormous.

The insane weight and bulkiness of high school backpacks aren’t exactly a national or international trend. Some students never carry a backpack at all. This is also true in College/University. Some courses don’t even require textbooks, so what would be the point in lugging so much extra weight only to cause potential harm to your spine? High school had it’s issue though, with some schools having all 7-9 classes every day (some had block schedules (alternating between even/odd periods by day)), basically inviting students to carry about eight textbooks worth of extra baggage. Granted, some classes like English had really small books, but they were still extra items that we’d have to stuff and put into our bags every morning (or at least, I never prepare my school stuff the night before).  Read More

Outburst #020: Love n’ Lost Keys

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Happy Belated Valentine’s Day. I felt like writing a Valentine’s Day post on the 14th, but got caught up in studying for an Organic Chemistry exam and thought that abiding to my three day post schedule wouldn’t hurt all that much. Valentine’s Day, or otherwise known as Singles Awareness Day, passed without much event, though Facebook was pretty flooded with the hearts and kisses. Now it’s story time.

I mentioned in Outburst #018 that I had lost my keys, consequently locking myself out of my own dorm. I lost my keys on Tuesday two weeks ago (February 1st) and found them on Saturday last week (February 12th). Most normally, one would cry in frustration at having lost their keys by the second day of being locked out of their room (I began to practice a ritual of knocking on my dorm door to see if anyone would let me in) and hurry to purchase (quite expensively) a new set of keys. Being the frugal man that I am, I thought that getting new keys wouldn’t be worthwhile. I had faith that somewhere out in the world, a samaritan would find the lost keys and turn them in. I had already reached out to our University’s main Lost and Found location, as well as our University Transport System to call me if they came upon the green Hereford lanyard (which I mistakenly called a leo-nard (a strange hybrid of lanyard and leotard) at the time T^T)) that my keys were attached to. Read More

Internet #003:

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In high school, I was a pretty conservative music listener. Rarely did I expose myself to the modern pop music, and even when friends would share their ear pieces to show me a particular song, I’d immediately express distate and say how I only listened to classical music. After many years of watching anime and movies, my taste has grown, reflecting the relatively wide amount of styles of music that Japan has. It’s strange to think how I began to expand my musical tastes started with whatever an anime show had attached to the opening or ending sequences. To be honest, my first “rock” song was Haruka Kanata from Naruto. Though it can still be considered J-Pop, the screaming and intense bass rocking edges towards the side of J-Rock. I didn’t particularly like the music at first, but the animation sequence and series itself got me hooked on the mood that Asian Kung Fu Generation set for every episode. From then on, anime slowly introduced me to slightly different styles (you can imagine how romance shojo would use different music styles than jump shounen). I still listen to mainly J-Pop, but my tastes have grown to soundtracks, jazz, a capella, K-Pop, and the occasional western artist of today, such as Adele or Train. Read More

Outburst #019: Leisurely Stroll

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For those of you who don’t know the Strutting Leo meme, it’s just another one of those semi troll-tastic memes that are funny to look at, not because of any brutal humor, but because of the contradictory emotional sensation it gives off given the contexts. Leo Strut (also known as “Leonardo DiHapprio”) is a photoshopped exploitable that uses an image taken of Leonardo DiCaprio during the filming of Christopher Nolan’s “Inception”. The original image is of DiCaprio doing a jolly strut down a street, but has been photo shopped into several scenes that usually depict a catastrophe or terrible happening, similar to Disaster Girl. DiCaprio is shopped into the scene, as if he could have stopped the incident or helped people nearby, but instead continues throughout the scene doing his jolly strut. The single topic tumblr “Fuck Yeah Strutting Leo” is a blog with only Strutting Leo. Read More

Internet #002: Amuseful

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I’m pretty grateful that I made this category on my blog. If the pattern isn’t already obvious enough, I try to post at least one entry every 3 days. Fortunately, the Internet category has given me flexibility in times of stress and compressed times. The interweb is a nearly infinite playground, and though so many people already know about so many places we can visit with just the typing of a url, there are so many things to find.

One such example that I share today is, a website that I have been browsing through for a while now. To my pleasant surprise, however, I discovered recently that the site was founded/created by two of my friends (as well as a handful of other people) from my high school.  The artistic one of the group, or at least, that I know of, is quite the talented photographer. Most of her works can be found at her personal website or her DeviantArt page. Her photography is both sensitive and innovative and holds so much charm and originality that you wonder where the creativeness comes from; each work strongly reveals her personal style, taste, and vision of artistic expression.    Read More

Internet #001: Kern Me

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Starting a new section! I’ve been running into some difficulties of pulling out topics to write about, especially things of any sort of amusement or introspective value, so I decided to add a new category of posts in addition to my Outbursts section (since life only dishes out so many quirky things at a time): ze’ Internet.

This new category was created in similar vain to the working of a certain Tumblr, where re-posting and re-posting and re-posting popular posts from the internet spreads like wildfire. This type of blogging has both pros and cons. I find it as a fundamentally lazy way to blog, not providing any amount of insight or discussion about certain topics; however, the material that Tumblr accounts and posts have been able to accrue is nothing less than amazing. Numerous of my tumblring friends post highly engaging and interesting findings from the inter-web, and though I wish I knew more about what they were thinking about it, I end up losing many hours browsing other tumblrs as well. This isn’t to say that some tumblring handles don’t write their blog posts. It’s merely a generalization. Read More

Outburst #018: Hospitality

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It’s probably pretty standard to visit a friend’s home and expect to be treated reasonably kindly. This host-guest relationship, though quite common, possesses variant levels of hospitality. During our college years, there isn’t much to really offer a guest really besides water, a snack, or the occasional drink of alcohol. My dorm room is shared with another roommate causing the space to become more public and less personable. In contrast, my parents’ (and subsequently, mine) home, is an established haven, and is considered “our territory.” With said territory established, the responsibility falls on those who own the space to care for guests who enter or visit. This doesn’t entirely apply to dorm rooms, though, since limited space, limited funds, and limited everything create difficulty in really offering any hospitality of considerable mention (besides the, here…sit on my…bed?). I was surprised, however, when I had to crash at linzian’s place for an evening. Read More