2012; Beginning / End?

Welcoming the New Year has always been like saying hi to an old friend from many years past; you’re elated to see one another, yet both companions have changed considerably over the years that whether the two of you will still share a friendship similar to the previous is unknown. You would imagine that after 2012 years (not counting the innumerable years before 0 AD) and having experienced ~20 of them personally, one would be smart enough to know what to do.

Evidently such was not meant to be. Each year brings a multitude of new changes and new ideas and we, as slaves of time, can only hope to treat each moment our own way. It’s intimidating at times to imagine how quickly (or slowly) time progresses, a revelation that shocks you into either omfg-i-am-failing-life mode or what-am-i-doing-with-my-life mode. This continual passage of time, however, reveals at least one thing: that we have more of it under our belt. Each passing year indicates another 365 (or 366) days of experience which can inform our future decisions. We grow 365/366 days more mature and are more ready for life’s uncertainties. It is 365/366 more days of testament that show our willingness to continue being steadfast, overcome challenges, and reach the success that lies at the end of our paths.

We may be getting older, but maybe that a good thing.

Here’s to our futures, and year #2012.

Happy New Year.


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