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January 2012

Outburst #017: I are dragon

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No kidding. Who says people can’t breathe fire? Certain indirect methods allow us to blow flames with our mouths, so it’s rather unfortunate that we can’t realistically smote our enemies with dragon fire breath or shinobi katon techniques. Don’t despair, though, my brethren! There is an alternative path of darkness that will unleash your unlimited potential: the power of Thai curry.

Why Thai curry? Spice. Those of you who are more spice veterans out there may be skeptical, but for a total spice eating noob like me, Thai curry is basically a 15 on my scale of 10 for spicy food (and I normally cannot handle a 4). Granted, our Thai host might have added a bit too much spice into the curry, and home cooked curry probably isn’t exactly representative of Thai food in general (neither is curry paste from a bag), but the curry spice levels were already way off my operating radar. High consumption levels of milk (basic) and orange juice (acidic…whut…so why orange juice) were required, probably resulting in my stomach having reached 130% capacity, with mixture levels at 75% liquid, 25% curry. Brain nearly malfunctioned. Read More


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Entertainment media has constantly wrestled with the challenge of overcoming the barriers that lay between the viewer/user and presented material. Successfully transporting a person from reality into a different is typically not easy, and to do it seamlessly is even more difficult. Perhaps this is why the growing movement and push for 3D is ever more forceful. With the (not so) recent AVATAR by James Cameron, 3D has captured some support for being a viable next option in film making. And with Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit marketing itself having super 5K definition its own 3D craziness, the age of 3D may actually be in sight. Read More

Happy Chinese New Year!

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On the eve of Chinese New Year, supper is a feast with family. Pigs, ducks, chicken, and sweet delicacies line the table. Children and adults set off firecrackers into the allies and night skies. The next morning, children greet their parents, parents greet relatives, and wishes for a healthy and happy new year are exchanged. Money is received in red paper envelopes, lanterns are raised, and couplets are hung. The Chinese New Year tradition invites one and all to reconcile, forget all grudges, and sincerely wish peace and happiness for everyone. Read More

Dreaming the Fantasy

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With the advent of franchises like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, popular memes that ‘quiz’ you on your personality have have sprouted all over the interweb, and as meaningless as they may seem, the fact that there is a system that will help you determine what you’re most like is intriguing all the same. For those who are fans of either the Boy-Who-Lived or the Ring-That-Cannot-Be-Destroyed-Except-for-In-Mount-Doom, who wouldn’t want to know how their own person could potentially fit into said fantasy world? Read More

To Apply or Not To Apply

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Many of you who know me personally are already familiar with the interior struggle I face with what profession I should be trying to chase. While I convinced myself of a choice last winter (basically one year ago), I still have remnant desires to test the thin ice once more.

I transferred from Architecture to the College carrying the fear in my heart that I would not be able to “make it” in the art industry, whether it be Architecture-related or not. To be truthful, I don’t really mind what area of art I’d get sucked into; I have no considerable preference for a particular focus  (though I’m pretty horrible at painting, no joke). The constant pursuit of creating better art and long-lasting creative process has been probably the most self-rewarding and addictive things I’ve experienced. Despite all this, following one’s passion could possibly diminish in the face of how such pursuits affect others. Read More

Westward Home

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Toro and I would like to present to you a chronicling of our adventures in California as we spend some time helping our mother move into her new apartment. Though, due to really sporadic internet availability as we frolick between homes, furniture stores, and restaurants, we will not be able to post an immediate photo-diary of our wonderful excursions (since we’re basically shopping/building furniture the entire time). Additionally, my travelling laptop doesn’t handle masses of picture editing too kindly, so it even may have to wait until school starts up again next week. Regardless, Toro is quite excited to personally show you what we’ve been doing, from pointing out the lack of any green vegetation in Fremont to experiencing our very first trip (ever) to IKEA (zomg).



Outburts #015: 2012 Winter Playlist

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Make way for a new year and make way for yet another seasonal playlist. These playlists, I found, have provided me with incentives in discovering and learning new music that I otherwise would not have, or at the very least, listen for music where I normally do not. A similar effect occurred after having taken my Music and Computers course this fall semester; I had consequently become more aware and sensitive to the sounds in my daily life. It is both strange and wondrous to have your world opened in such a vast way with only a small paradigm shift. Now, while the music I will present here is not eye-opening at all (perhaps for another time), hopefully the melodies and styles will evoke certain feelings and emotions within your gut.

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Winter Break Project: Tufts Supplement

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While many of us celebrated the new year with food and drink, many high school seniors (and their families for that matter) spent hours and days up to the new year working on something called College Applications. Granted, not every high school student entertains college applications up until the very last minute; many wish to knock it out as quickly as possible. But for those of us who have a tendency to procrastinate (or don’t find our work complete until the deadline arrives), working until the last minute is part of our work method.

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2012; Beginning / End?

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Welcoming the New Year has always been like saying hi to an old friend from many years past; you’re elated to see one another, yet both companions have changed considerably over the years that whether the two of you will still share a friendship similar to the previous is unknown. You would imagine that after 2012 years (not counting the innumerable years before 0 AD) and having experienced ~20 of them personally, one would be smart enough to know what to do.

Evidently such was not meant to be. Each year brings a multitude of new changes and new ideas and we, as slaves of time, can only hope to treat each moment our own way. It’s intimidating at times to imagine how quickly (or slowly) time progresses, a revelation that shocks you into either omfg-i-am-failing-life mode or what-am-i-doing-with-my-life mode. This continual passage of time, however, reveals at least one thing: that we have more of it under our belt. Each passing year indicates another 365 (or 366) days of experience which can inform our future decisions. We grow 365/366 days more mature and are more ready for life’s uncertainties. It is 365/366 more days of testament that show our willingness to continue being steadfast, overcome challenges, and reach the success that lies at the end of our paths.

We may be getting older, but maybe that a good thing.

Here’s to our futures, and year #2012.

Happy New Year.