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By December 25, 2011Commemoration, Introspective

Christmas and the accompanying holiday season has slowly changed for me the last few years. No longer does the anticipation for the 25th of December grow to unbearable heights and no longer does the expectation of receiving gifts exist (though it’s always a thoughtful gesture). Somehow, gift-giving and the multitude of other holiday spirit mannerisms that most people have adopted have become slightly stale. This may be me just babbling, and though I personally wish I could still feel the sizzling magical energy that the months of December and January usually bring, I’m somehow not feeling it.

This isn’t to say that these times are worthless. On the contrary, the time spent with family and friends is second to none, and I’m grateful for being able to share many moments with everyone. Perhaps I just haven’t properly set up the right mindset in recent years. I still remember when even before Thanksgiving, the Christmas cheer and holiday energy was already surmounting. There was that winter magic that hung in the air and made each day at school less and less enjoyable (being inside, that is). Maybe it’s the weather. Charlottesville and Potomac temperatures have rarely fallen below freezing (not to mention 40F) in recent months, so it’s probably fair to say that the warm weather is screwing with my biological season clock.

But enough with the depressing self-laments. Despite my increasing inability to stay in tune to my inner winter child, winter is still a wonderful season. Snow, skiing, hot chocolate, movie-watching, and New Year’s. What makes this time of year so special for everyone? The best answer probably is to not even give an answer. It’s all in the overall picture. I could hardly say it’s the gift giving or family reunions, since each of those are only a small part of the whole. I’ve personally had time to relax, watch movies, catch up on some anime, hang out with friends, eat non-dining hall food, and much much more. What more can you ask?

Did I make a point anywhere in my writing? No. Though I did feel that chattering for a bit was better than posting a Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Stay happy, healthy, and warm.


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  • Isaac Kim says:

    LOL “winter child”. If you want winter, please take some of the snow here. It snowed two weeks ago and it’s still on the ground. D: I also know what you mean about the holiday season losing a sense of anticipation. This Christmas was probably the first one in my life that seemed to come and go even though the 26+ people in my family were at my house. Perhaps we’re just getting more cynical as we get older or we’re just dead tired from the semester. Gosh, I remember those days when I was going to pee my pants not knowing what I presents I was getting.

    In any case, only 2 more weeks of break!!! I love it but one thing I regret is living so far from mis amigos such as you. I MISS EVERYONEEEEE!!! And I’m not just saying it, I mean it.. T^T

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