Bakuman 159 – Girls before flowers

By December 19, 2011Impressions, Manga

I’d like to put the disclaimer that although I will try to keep these posts as spoiler free as possible, it’s difficult to discuss chapters without properly referring to or even discussing previous events that occurred within the series. To that effect, I will post this disclaimer on every Bakuman chapter post, and put the reading jump below that so for those who are just browsing the homepage have no exposure to the written text unless the post link is clicked. I will also try my best to edit out any dialogue or text from the scanlations so as to also not reveal any unnecessary information.

Hattori’s reaction to Mashiro’s and Takagi’s decision to go all out for their series Reversi, regardless of how short it could potentially be was priceless. True to his sensibilities, Hattori comes to an understanding with Ashirogi Muto’s ambitions, but cautions them about getting to over eager or confident that short, but high quality, mangas will help them become #1. Readers may be familiar with how it’s sometimes difficult to pick up a new series as compared to continuing a long time recurring one. But as quickly as we are hoping to see more from Ashirogi Muto’s masterpiece, we quickly change to a more, teenage drama setting.

This chapter was more or less a comedic segment, following the successes and woes of Hiramaru, the author of Otters 11 and Bokotsu, who is also considered a genius (albeit an extremely undedicated/lazy one). He receives permission for an anime adaption of Bokotsu and Hiramaru is overjoyed. Such a reaction is definitely appropriate since getting an anime adaptation is no small feat, but Hiramaru is quickly downcast as his editor explains that he can still not yet propose to his love interest, Aoki (lovingly nicknamed Yuri-tan). As devastating as this news is, I’m not entirely a fan of Hiramaru x Aoki, essentially due to Hiramaru’s lazy character. In addition, most scenes with Hiramaru are drawn in comic style, and that did not help me invest neither emotionally or intellectually into his character.

Recently, however, Hiramaru has shown a variety of new motivations for working and pursuing Aoki, and to be perfectly honest, sometimes Hiramaru’s earnestness and innocent love for Yuri is way too cute to behold. Aoki, as well, is super cute (don’t tell anyone I said so), and it was unexpectedely enjoyable to watch Hiramaru attempt to confess his love (not that it isn’t already obvious) and propose. Aoki is well mannered, smart, talented, and polite. Not to mention, she has a pretty understated sense of style, which is only an added bonus. Actually, I just noticed while going through the chapter again, but Aoki has a mole under her left eye. I’ve never quite understood why having a mole under one eye is attractive (or so they say). Well…besides that…with the proposal ring missing, what’ll Hiramaru do? Will we see the gentlemen’s heart that resides within him?

Note: I’ll be posting some posts that non-Bakuman related (I haven’t had any surges of inspired writing recently), but hopefully they’ll be around soon. I was a week behind Bakuman posts, so I’ll catch up with that first then update again. Cheers!

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