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August 2011

Come back here, you lil—

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Sleep. Once the playground for the exhausted geek, now a wasteland of antiproductivity. Can you write code while you’re jumping over fences with sheep in green pastures? No. Are you studying organic chemistry books when your broken doll of a body lays in bed? No. Are you collecting minerals in order to mount a 6-minute push that’ll get your opponent to surrender and type GG? No. Read More

Outburst #006: small talk

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“Nice weather today, huh?”

Similar comments that crop up during social interactions with unfamiliar people have always made me more uncomfortable than if it were filled with silence. I, myself, am more conditioned to periods of uncomfortable no talk rather than small talk.

Finding the most unremarkable thing to start a conversation about seems highly unnecessary and disrespectful.  It’s true that as a skilled small talker you will come across as a more open and friendly person, compared to someone who doesn’t say much during social situations. Small talk has always been a mechanism for opening channels of communication and a tool for establishing social/conversational norms. By starting friendly, non-important talk, one can typically wave away any distrust between people in different circles. Small talk says “I’m here, I’m nonthreatening, and we can go from there.” Read More

That doesn’t make any !@#$ing sense

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Sometimes, life just doesn’t make sense, offering those wtf moments in my day where I am confounded to no end. Why do we drive on a parkway but park on a driveway? What would happen if Pinocchio said “my nose will now grow”?

Beats me.

Maybe such anomalies aren’t really thought-provoking as much as frustrating logical parodoxes and aren’t worth our precious time being mulled over. But trying to think certain things through occasionally throws life into a new perspective. I mean, what if you really are just a reflection of the man in the puddle? Read More