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July 8, 2011

Outburst #003: Talking Food

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OMNOMNOM! (who knew so many types of miso soups existed? O.O)

I was recently told that one of my favorite phrases consequently makes me me sound like Cookie Monster. I normally don’t use the word in the correct context, such as when I’m devouring a delicious meal. Rather, I say it as a greeting on chat and as a lazy response to agreeable things. I find that it helps lighten the mood and keeps the conversation wholly positive.

So…with that segue…

Food: nutrition for the body, thus sustaining life. Eating makes us feel happy (usually) and has been a prominent social element of of our daily lives. Food has become an occasion for sharing, for distributing and giving, for the expression of altruism, whether from parents to children, children to in-laws, or anyone to visitors and strangers. Though I acknowledge the fact that eating is typically done with others (why else would we always ask a friend if they want to eat?), I have always been baffled to why food is like that. Read More