Outburst #002: 2011 Summer Playlist

We’re roughly one week into the 2011 Summer and I thought it’d be a cool thing to do amidst this hot weather to compile a quick top five (x4) summer song playlist of the songs I listen to the most. My taste for music doesn’t change much seasonally, but songs like Winter Wonderland (something I can listen to on an infinite loop) definitely are more appropriate during the month of December. My personal preference lies in songs/pieces that are infused with a happy or snappy tune/beat; it allows me to maintain a certain level on my happy-meter (though you wouldn’t be able to tell from this stoic face of mine), thus helping me feel more energized for the day. I also tend to listen to songs with foreign lyrics ultimately since English words greatly distract me while I work.

I’m somewhat of a stickler for organized album folder on my computer and PlayStation Portable, but for convenience sake, I’ve organized the set into four general modes: energizer, casual, work, and mushy music. They are ordered in no particular order.

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Energizer Music
This music typically has the heaviest beat and frequently provokes the desire to dance (in private), as well as providing an injection of happiness and renewable (lol) energy where appropriate.

  1. Pop Star” – Hirokazu Ando, Jun Ishikawa [Kirby 64]
  2. Atlas” – Battles [Little Big Planet]
  3. 미인아 (BONAMANA)” – 슈퍼주니어 (Super Junior)
  4. Gee” – SNSD
  5. 会いたかった (Aitakatta)“- AKB48

Casual Music
Casual music is the easiest set to listen to out of the four, providing a nice beat and easy-to-sing melodies. Neither too crazy or intense, these songs are intricate enough to avoid putting the listener to sleep.

  2. Zzz (Acapella Version)” – Sasaki Sayaka [Nichijou]
  3. Remy Drives a Linguini” – Michael Giacchino [Ratatouille]
  4. 懂得愛自己 – 梁詠琪 (Gigi Leung)
  5. どんなときも” – 槇原敬之 (Makihara Noriyuki)

Work Music
Sometimes, music needs to take a step back and play a secondary role when other priorities arise. What follows is a list of pieces that are more atmospheric, providing a nice work environment and not being overly distracting.

  1. Life as a Flower” – Vincent Diamante [FLOWER Soundtrack]
  2. Cantata #167, BWV 167” – J.S. Bach – Yo-Yo Ma/Ton Koopman
  3. Concerto for 2 Pianos in E-Flat Major, K. 365 (III. Rondeaux Allegro)” – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  4. Golden Dawn” – Wayne Jones & Amy Hayashi-Jones [Lifescapes Relaxing Orient]
  5. The King’s Speech” – Alexandre Desplat [The King’s Speech]

Mushy Music
To round out the playlist, I’ve included a series of pieces that tend to pull on the heart strings both through composition and lyrics. Whether they’re pangs of sadness, wrenching romance, or spurts of inspiration, these tracks will help dramatize any situation more than is necessary.

  1. 사람 찾기” – 유리상자
  2. 短髮” – 梁詠琪 (Gigi Leung)
  3. Team of passion” – Koji Suzuki [Beethoven Virus]
  4. Cello Concerto, Op. 85” – Edward Elgar
  5. Reprise” – Joe Hisaishi [Spirited Away]

This was my first time compiling a track list of songs, but I hope you may find something that interests your personal tastes. As I put together this post, I quickly found that there is a plethora of songs that I could not fit into 20 slots (I’m not even sure if 100 is enough). I attempted to narrow down my selection to focus more on a “summer”-y feel, so the ones not on this list will definitely make their appearances in the future. Peace out. Going to go watch X-Men: First Class with some friends of mine.


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  • Isaac Kim says:

    Funny thing is you don’t dance the energizers privately. I’ve seen you in action hahahaha. 😛 And if I play the mushy music in order to woo someone and fail, I’m going to blame you. Hehehehe.

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