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July 2011

Dennou Coil

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Two weekends ago, I spent way too much time not studying and watching Dennou Coil, an anime I had sitting in my hard drive for years. I never began Dennou Coil since each episode I had skimmed looked pretty average, with no standout elements that caught my eye. Having finally completed the series, however, I quickly realized that Dennou Coil did not need any of the flashy peripherals to prove its worth.

On average, anime that causes the type of addiction where you marathon 26 episodes in 2 days are the ones with plot twists, cliff hangers, or eccentric action scenes, which happens to be some qualities kept in mind by anime producers who want to create instant-popular series. Dennou Coil, on the other hand, is completely different. It is neither bombastic, nor boring, but always takes itself seriously and deliberately balances every aspect of its story, art, and music with great expertise. It’s a series that is easy to under-appreciate despite the numerous things that Dennou Coil does right, and overcomes its very few faults by delivering the most solid series I have ever scene to date. Read More

Painting your World

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Life is what you make of it. What makes you feel genuinely alive and worthwhile is not based on what you do, but how you do it. No amount of credible or expert research can fully justify your own existence. Though current day research and experimentation evidently helps progress our collective understanding of the world’s workings, these new discoveries actually reveal just how truly mind-boggling our lives really are.

The world exists on both a smaller and larger scale than any of us can really hope to comprehend (at least, that is my opinion). One of the many frustrating problems in life includes discovering a personal identity that you can hold to. Some would say, “Oh, but that’s easy,” and yes, the ease of understanding one’s true calling varies from person to person, but even now, after so many years, I am still struggling to figure out what type of future career is best for me. Read More

Karigurashi no Arrietty

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Hiromasa Yonebayashi, close friend of Hayao Miyazaki, founder of Studio Ghilbi, brings his very first movie to the screen and what a treat it is. Studio Ghibli well known for it’s rather large portfolio of family movies and Karigurashi no Arrietty ( The Borrower Arrietty) deserves no less to be on that list. Though this is Yonebayashi’s first time directing his own film, the Studio Ghibli art and Miyazaki-style of storytelling are present and familiar. Ghibli movies range in both scale and theme, ranging from fantasy adventure to family slice-of-life and though the film definitely cannot be considered a grand epic (maybe one of miniature proportions) like Princess Mononoke or Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Karigurashi no Arrietty is a movie full of heart and quiet charm. Read More

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

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The Harry Potter movies were never really about making the best piece of film, they were about bringing a fantastical world to live and invigorating the dreams and thoughts of those who read the Harry Potter book series by J.K. Rowling. When the books initially came out, the magical world where Hogwarts existed felt, at times, more tangible than our own world. So confident and fleshed was all the lore and history in Rowling’s universe (undoutedely inspired by a great wealth and ancient myths and mythology) that slipping into the magical wizard or witch slippers was as easy as picking up the book and reading from page one. This all started 14 years ago and the Harry Potter series, books and movies, have spread throughout the world like no other, capturing the hearts and imaginations of people young and old. But sadly, as Rowling had to put down the pen for her closing chapter, so must the long saga about The Boy Who Lived draw to a close with its eighth and final film installment in the Harry Potter franchise.

[warning; minor spoilers] Read More

Outburst #005: Friendly Attention

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He Likes to Watch; by John SuI was filled with great warmth today when I logged into gmail to discover my inbox completely overrun with Facebook notifications of birthday wishes. It’s comforting to know that there are so many people, whether sincere or not, who are willing to acknowledge a special day for a certain person. Of course, Facebook is not really a measure of how many people actually care about your birthday, but it definitely has allowed a greater number of acquaintances to keep in touch, at least once a year (it’s amusing to view Wall-to-Walls on Facebook that only have back n’ forth annual birthday wishes). Read More

Outburst #004: The art of being a troll

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I was recently having a conversation with Arma, who reminded me of a time I trolled itzhakkim over the phone. The memory brought back wide smiles so I thought I’d briefly recount the story.

For those of you who are not entirely familiar with the term (though I’m sure most of you are), trolling typically involves inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic comments in an online community. Trolling, however, is not limited to the interweb. Trolling in real life can similarly be considered as merely annoying someone repeatedly in the same manner for no particular reason. The end goal for me, though was to illicit an amusing emotional response from the person who I was calling. Read More

The Crying Cloud

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A recent health fiasco invaded our house this past weekend, so I didn’t get a chance to sit down and brain dump into a blog post as I usually do on weekends. I plan on writing up a mini-update about it in the near future, but for now, I’ll offer those of you with appetites with a small poem that I dug out of an old poem anthology I compiled in 7th grade. Read More

Outburst #003: Talking Food

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OMNOMNOM! (who knew so many types of miso soups existed? O.O)

I was recently told that one of my favorite phrases consequently makes me me sound like Cookie Monster. I normally don’t use the word in the correct context, such as when I’m devouring a delicious meal. Rather, I say it as a greeting on chat and as a lazy response to agreeable things. I find that it helps lighten the mood and keeps the conversation wholly positive.

So…with that segue…

Food: nutrition for the body, thus sustaining life. Eating makes us feel happy (usually) and has been a prominent social element of of our daily lives. Food has become an occasion for sharing, for distributing and giving, for the expression of altruism, whether from parents to children, children to in-laws, or anyone to visitors and strangers. Though I acknowledge the fact that eating is typically done with others (why else would we always ask a friend if they want to eat?), I have always been baffled to why food is like that. Read More


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I’m an impulsive person. My common sense often surrenders its power to the torrent of emotional reactions I feel in a given situation. Losing my voice of reason, I typically make regretful decisions. This track record has led me to force myself to react in a more stoic fashion, where I try to adopt a more passive role. I am quite sure my friends are more familiar with this type of me on a day-to-day basis, though a handful of people have had the opportunity (or misfortune) to see my more eccentric side.

I wouldn’t go as far to say that my impulsive nature is extreme. However, there have been several instances where I have injured myself due to the incapacitated ability to think clearly. There exists a little voice at the back of the mind that tries to tell you that maybe what you’re about to to isn’t such a great idea. Far more often than not, my voice is late to the game and tells me such analysis too late. Read More

Outburst #002: 2011 Summer Playlist

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We’re roughly one week into the 2011 Summer and I thought it’d be a cool thing to do amidst this hot weather to compile a quick top five (x4) summer song playlist of the songs I listen to the most. My taste for music doesn’t change much seasonally, but songs like Winter Wonderland (something I can listen to on an infinite loop) definitely are more appropriate during the month of December. My personal preference lies in songs/pieces that are infused with a happy or snappy tune/beat; it allows me to maintain a certain level on my happy-meter (though you wouldn’t be able to tell from this stoic face of mine), thus helping me feel more energized for the day. I also tend to listen to songs with foreign lyrics ultimately since English words greatly distract me while I work.

I’m somewhat of a stickler for organized album folder on my computer and PlayStation Portable, but for convenience sake, I’ve organized the set into four general modes: energizer, casual, work, and mushy music. They are ordered in no particular order. Read More