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June 29, 2011

Cars 2

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Pixar Animation Studios is a studio that I have loved ever since I was little, and to show my intense enthusiasm and love, have always attempted to haul all my friends to every movie release since A Bug’s Life. I was even ballsy enough to apply for Pixar’s undergraduate program, which was met with limited success. Animation studios like DreamWorks and Blue Sky pale in comparison to Pixar in almost anyway (though DreamWorks did produce one of my favorite movies of all time, How To Train Your Dragon), but Pixar’s seemingly permanent position as perhaps the most well known animation studio in the world was not easily achieved. This year, Pixar celebrates their 25th anniversary this year with a Cars 2, with director John Lasseter (Toy Story 1, 2 and Cars) back at the helm.

Pixar may have dug itself into a hole when it began its reputation of making gorgeous animated films that packed great story, tangible emotional value, and appeal to both children and adults. Though these expectation for Pixar are wonderful, it acts as a double-edged sword, having recently caused Cars 2 to have abysmal reviews on RottenTomatoes and overtaking its predecessor, Cars (2006), as the runt of Pixar’s collection of films. I find most upsetting is  that most people who have hopped on the Pixar Bandwagon of recent years are completely disillusioned to what makes Pixar so great.

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