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June 19, 2011

Outburst #000: Introduction

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How productive can daydreaming be? Do periods of tangential thought and cerebral meandering ever return with something valuable or meaningful? I tend to “daydream” a lot in my lecture classes, either because the professor babbles nonsensically or my brain just isn’t the mood for learning. However, during these periodic sessions of idle thinking, I come across the occasional epiphany, and after a temporary jolt of excitement, become unduly self-satisfied of my ability to discover an important realization about life.┬áThis reoccurring habit definitely is shared among many of the students that go to classes. I do not claim to be the only one capable of drawing conclusions from reflecting on life. As a matter of fact, everyone does this every day in the form of learning from mistakes.

About 11 months ago, I decided to try recording every life-important epiphany I had in a Google document, hoping that such an archive would eventually reveal my maturity and wisdom. Looking at it now, I am hardly impressed with my thoughts on life. Though my observations and realizations surely hold meaning and, it is marginally discouraging to see a long list of moments I have realized and discovered a manner in which to improve myself, but consequently fail in adopting my own perceptiveness. Read More