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June 10, 2011

PlayStation Vita

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During their press conference at the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Sony officially revealed their next generation portable: the PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) (PCH-1000 series).

“Vita,” which means “Life” in Latin, was chosen as the most appropriate name for the new handheld from Sony. Though the “Life” may be exactly what Sony is trying to reinvigorate into their line of handheld consoles, I am surprised that a more hip and stylish name wasn’t chosen. Granted, there exist an indefinite amount of worse possibilities, but the Vita’s codename, the NGP, fundamentally felt more 21st century.

It’s common knowledge that Sony made a substantial loss on every PlayStation 3 they sold, costing the company billions. With only a mediocre range of game exclusives and competing with cheaper rival consoles from both Microsoft and Nintendo, Sony has struggled to remain competitive in the console gaming market. Sony first unveiled their new device in January, during which they explained many of the tech specs, including an ARM Cortex A9 (core) CPU, a SGX543MP4+ GPU, and a SixAxis motion-sensing system (more specs can be found at the Sony website). Marketed as a platform that possesses near PS3-level capabilities, many people were wary of how to react to yet another “powerhouse gadget” from Sony. Read More