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June 8, 2011

Japanese ANIME; a taste of Eastern media

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Conveying emotions is one of the great purposes of art.  Stories have an almost magical ability to reach inside any audience and communicate universal feelings.  Animation has the same potential, but la large difficulty that the animation industry faces is the fact that they are dealing with “non-real” images.  Many people think animated works are worth less than their live-action counterparts since they are more artificial.  This barrier increasingly makes connecting with an audience difficult.  In order to reach across the divide and establish a connection, animation needs to take advantage of the medium’s creative potential to appeal to human emotions and thoughts.  The late Jean Renoir, an outstanding film director, wrote in his memoirs, “the spectator is a human being, capable of reflection and, therefore, of imagination.  Being human, he is devoured with curiosity.”  If Mr. Renoir is correct, then animation is at its finest when it can take advantage of this curiosity, and draw the viewer deep into the creator’s own imagination. Read More

Blog Relocation

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I am delighted to announce and reveal the new home for the @themoment blog. I plan on reserving the domain atth3moment.com in the near future so that the current domain doesn’t make my identity so painfully obvious, so do not preemptively purchase the domain just so I can’t use it, OK?

Initially set up through Blogger and co-written with EFuzzy, @themoment went through its ups and downs as a private blog, shared with a select few due to the desire to keep the personal posts within a tighter circle. About a year and a half later, I felt that the blog needed to open and expand a little more, so the blog slowly budded from its parent and found its current new home. I brought a select few of the posts that were from the original blogger site, which are all the posts with dates prior to today’s post, so that the new domain didn’t feel so barren.

Though I personally found Blogger’s modification system quite easy to use, difficulties arose with the “professionalism” of how the site looked. It was easy enough to change the layout of widgets, allowing for non-computer-savvy users to customize their design with relative ease, but Blogger didn’t offer the true flexibility that I was looking for. WordPress, despite being slightly tougher to learn (installation methods and a requirement of some coding knowledge), ultimately had better admin UI and more thorough documentation of the coding. This documentation, in particular, became extremely helpful as I began to wade through the php files that are located in the install package. It was also time for @themoment to get a face-lift.  I rarely had the urge to update the old site at its original blogspot.com address and felt that we needed a new look to commemorate my rejuvenated desire to blog regularly (about nothing in particular). Read More